Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Really Excited About Bracelets!

Hey guys I am super excited. I have been making handmade beaded bracelets. I have just a few for now but I do plan to make more. My bracelets are made with either cotton yarn or cotton thread. I do add plastic buttons and plastic beads. They are unique, one of a kind and you won't find another one just like the one purchased from Smelly Good Stuffs. Check them out in our web store or come see us in person and see what we have to offer. Don't forget to check back as I try to make several week as time allows. As of this post I have 2 available online. A Pink cotton thread bracelet and white cotton thread wide bracelet

Monday, May 22, 2017

Outdoor Incense

The first big camping weekend of the summer is coming up this weekend!  Do you have plans to go camping at the lake?  Maybe a big cook out with family and friends?  Our Wildberry Citronella Yard Sticks Incense is back with 3 great scents this year. Lavender, Lemon and Sandalwood.  These 19" sticks burn for hours helping protect your campsite or cook out.  Each package has 5 sticks.  These are not available from us online at this time.  They are however available at our store.  They are $4.99 each.  Come get some before you head out this weekend!

From our personal experience using this product, you do have a slight citronella scent mixed with which ever scent you choose.  We really liked using them and found them to be just as effective as the tiki torches and citronella candles.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What's your Favorite Scent?

I get asked many times what my favorite scent is.  I think it's an unfair questions since I am around the incense every day and honestly can't smell it anymore unless I am burning it, stocking it, or making it.  I do have my favorites.  Favorites that I like all the time, and favorites that I like sometimes and sometimes not.

My all time favorites, the ones I like all the time, of the Smelly Good Stuffs scents,  are Desert Rain, China Rain, Mountain Rain, Earth, and Tobacco Flower.  Tobacco flower is my favorite to put in the bathroom. My favorite of the "rains" is Desert Rain.  

Most of the rest of them I like off and on.  The ones I personally do not care for are Patchouli, Black Love, Witches Brew, and Zen.

Do you have a favorite Smelly Good Stuffs scent?  Let me know in the comments what it is.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Tried......

Yesterday all day, well in-between customers and such, I tried adding the incense sticks for you to order online again.  It just wasn't cooperating with me.  You could add the different scents, but in the "shopping cart" it just was telling me that there were X number of orders for 10 sticks.  It didn't tell me which ones.  *sigh*  I will try again today.  I really would like to get them back online.