Friday, May 12, 2017

Crochet Wash/Dish Cloths

**Update 8-29-17 These items are currently not available online**

Knitted Cotton Dish/Wash Cloth

Crochet Cotton Dish/Wash Cloth

Have you ever used a homemade cotton washcloth/dishcloth?  I have some friends that they won't use anything but the homemade cotton ones.  I have made a few for myself and tried them.  I have used a cotton knitted washcloth when showering and it was nice.   I haven't used a cotton one for washing dishes yet though,  I just can't bring myself to getting the pretty things dirty with food.
Knitted Acrylic Dishcloth
I have made and used dishcloths made with acrylic yarn though. They are amazing!  They give you a little extra scrubbing power, kind of like when you use a plastic scratchy to get the tough stuck on food off.  Because of the scratchiness of the acrylic yarn I don't recommend using the acrylic cloths for bathing.

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